riparazione orologi

Le Muse was founded in 1987 when was opened a watch shop in Milan(Italy);since the beginning its special field is trading collectible watches and clocks.

It was in that period that in Italy begans the passion and reasearching of vintage wrist watches. At the end of the ‘80s begans to work also a workshop that restores and ovehauls vintage and modern watches and clocks. Between its most important works could be found also the restoration of vintage clocks shown in a Milan’s museum.

Our shop gives a big range of clocks from the 1700 to the 1970 and it is also a benchmark for the collecting of wrist and pocket watches.In fact we can give satisfaction also to the most exigent customer thanks to our watches of finding a specific object that he has asked us.

We overhaul or refurbish every object we sell so that its originality is preserved in the best way,we also give an autenticity warranty and a good working warranty(valid for a year).

We are also interested in buying watches or full collections...