1- COMING IN OUR SHOP: If you live in Milan or you are there for some reason, you can phone us saying when will you come in our shop and in which watch you are interested ( a lot of our watches aren't holded in our shop for security reasons and so it is better to phone us 2 days before to come... ) this way trading will be done face to face!you can find our shop time, the map and every information you need on our ;


2-BY EMAIL: Our email address is, if you are interested in one of our watches, you can send us an email saying which watch are you interested in and asking every information you want...we will answer you in a very short period of time!when you have decided to buy it you can send us an email with your address and we will send you our bank details in order to let you to do the bank transfert...when we have received it we will immediatly ship you your watch and an email with the tracking number!

3-CREATING AN ACCOUNT ON OUR WEBSITE: on the page of each our watch there is the botton "Add to cart", pushing this botton that watch will be added to our site cart...then you can push the botton "Buy" ( on the right top of each website page! ) and follow the instructions in order to subscribe our website and choose the payment method that you prefer!